October Daze

So, I hope everyone survived Rosa’s fury with minimal to no leaks! So what’s new with you?

I like that many of you respond to my blasts – it keeps us in touch. Thanks!

What’s new with me….I’m going to have grandchild #3 in March and I’m excited. Except they live too dang far away. But it’s a great reason to travel.

Lou and I will host our first house guests since we moved to Wilhoit. His brother and wife are coming to see the Arizona sights. Otherwise, I work a lot. Yarnell Fire District, Model Creek School, Directing the Cantata, Musician and Grant Consulting Business. That’s why it takes me awhile to send these in the first place!

Without further ado – here’s some music events for your calendar:

1. This Saturday, October 6th – 5pm to 8pm – Yarnell Fire Station, 22558 Looka Way, Yarnell: It’s a Wine Tasting, Cheese Appetizers and Jazz by yours Truly. Fundraiser!

Sponsored by the Yarnell Fire Auxiliary, we’re going to have fun. Come see us at the Fire Admin Building to get your tickets in advance. $15 per person, $25 per couple.

Gonna be a good time. Linda Ma, Auxiliary Chair, has a way of transforming a fire station into a classy bistro. You’d never know they keep apparatus in there. Check it out.

2. Friday, October 19th – 5pm American Legion Post 79 Country Style Rib Dinner by the fabulous John and Shawna Shelley, with music by Yarnell’s talented Walt Eckes and his equally talented buddy John! They start playing at 6:30.

So, I wanted to attend this one, but I was booked already to play at (keep reading)…

3. Friday, October 19th – 4:30 to 7:30 VFW Post 541 in Prescott, Fall Fiesta Mexican Style Fun. Open to the Public $11 pre-sale! I’ll be playin and stayin.

4. Friday, October 27th – Mark the calendar – I’ll be playing at the American Legion Post 79 Halloween Party. For that, you will receive details soon!

Remember to tag your broom before you park it. Some of them look so much alike…

Well, that’s a wrap. Hope to see you soon and I’ll pass along Halloween Info soon.


VFW & Augie’s

Hello all,

I hope your summer was amazing! Mine was fast, because time flies when you’re having fun – and when you’re busy.
I had a great time playing at the annual Lohrwood Stock on Labor Day weekend. It was nice to have a fun crowd and play in Yarnell!

So, I wanted to invite you to a couple events:

1. TONIGHT, September 7th: I’ll be playing at the VFW Post 541 Steak Dinner Dance from 4:30 to 7:30. Dinner may be sold out, but you can stop by as our guest at the bar – let us know!

2. TOMORROW NIGHT, September 8th: Join us at Augie’s Restaurant from 5:30 to 7:30, reservation recommended.

3. SATURDAY, October 6th: Join us from 5pm -8pm Wine Tasting, Cheese Appetizers and Jazz! I’ll be playing for the Yarnell Fire Auxiliary’s fundraising event at the Yarnell Fire Station.

Suggested donation: $15 per person, $25 per couple. Do you swing dance? We’re looking for someone to coach us for a fun filled evening.

Hope to see you soon!


Acoustic Piano!

Hey, All! How have you been? I appreciate those of you who have reached out and asked why you haven’t heard from me in awhile. I have been busier than even I thought….So, what have you been up to? I hope you’re healthy and happy. Here’s what’s been happening:

  1. An Acoustic Piano was given to me. I am so excited! The Tuner comes this week and I can’t wait.
  2. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Northern Arizona University – Finally!
  3. I promptly incorporated my new Grants Consulting Firm, LDR ProSolutions, LLC
  4. I’ve been playing a TON of private parties lately.
  5. The Yarnell Memorial Run – that’s partly one of my “babies” with the help of several others in Yarnell. June 2nd was the BEST ever.
  6. Lou and I have been updating my website. Soon you’ll see a new look.
  7. I’ve been writing grants! In fact, yesterday for the first time ever, I received two Grant Awards in one day!

SO…I haven’t published my most recent gigs, simply because they weren’t open to the public. The next public event on my schedule is Crown King Saloon, Saturday, July 7th at 7pm. In the works is Augie’s Prescott and American Legion Post 79 in Yarnell. I’ll keep you informed! I’ll also be performing my song, “Blazing Honor” in tribute to the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots on June 30th at the Memorial Service: 4pm, Yarnell Community Presbyterian Church.


It’s A Spring Thing

Hi folks,

How have you been? I haven’t emailed in a while – I took a trip to visit family back on the SNOWY East. The visit was fantastic though it was cold.

Otherwise, who else seems to have work/life balance issues? I can’t be the only one. But honestly, I have been a “too-busy girl”.

But on to MUSIC! Gotta love it….and we do have some fun things coming up:

1. This Friday, April 6th – Come on up to Prescott and eat at Augie’s Restaurant – I’ll be playing from 5:30 to 7:30.

2. Next Friday, April 13th – Wickenburg Elks Lodge 2160, Dinner served at 5pm, I play 6 – 9pm

3. Wednesday, April 18th – The Model Creek School students will showcase their talents for the School’s Volunteer Luncheon. I’ll send details in the next few days!

4. Third Fridays at the Yarnell Family Diner might not have music, but we still shout out to the Birthday Babies!

  • Happy Birthday to:
  • April 2nd – Mike Manone
  • April 12th – Frances Lechner
  • April 21st – Kurt Florman
  • April 22nd – Jack Rauh
  • April 27th – Rebecca Wilks

ALSO! Everyone is welcome to attend the Coalition for Wildfire Adapted Communities Pancake Breakfast on April 14th. This will be a fun-food event.

Southern Yavapai Fire Department, 9000 Magby Dr. in Wilhoit, one block from Hwy 89. 8am – 11am. The Yarnell Fire Auxiliary and friends are cooking a feast.

An interactive presentation will be given by members of the Arizona Fire Adapted Communities organization of Greater Flagstaff. Suggested Donation $10/adult and $5/child.

We hope to see you there!

STAY TUNED for Future Fun:

May 19th, Yarnell Daze – the music will be everywhere! My stage had a cancellation from 1pm – 1:45pm – it’s a volunteer gig. Any local takers? First come, first serve!

ALSO – Walt Eckes, aka, “Strings Attached” will be playing at the Wickenburg Country Club soon – I’ll give you the scoop when I get it.

Alright, friends. Have a great rest of your week.


March Updates

Hope this finds you well! Wanted to give you the latest for music events:

1. This Friday, March 2nd from 5:30 – 7:30, I’ll be performing at Augie’s Restaurant, Prescott. Join us for great food and music

2. Next Friday, March 9th from 6pm – 9pm, Be our guest at the Wickenburg Elks Lodge 2160. Music by yours truly! Restaurant style dinner and huge dance floor.

3. I have the privilege of being the music teacher at Model Creek School. The students are preparing for the Spring Talent Show – I’ll give you full details next week.

4. Mark Your Calendar for May 19th – Yarnell Daze! I’m going to highlight the Vendor’s Field Stage since I’m the stage manager. We’re lucky to have so much local talent in the area. You’ll definitely want to check this out. The stage is located on the corner of Happy Way and Highway 89.
Bring your chair and enjoy:

  • 9am – 10am Todd Perroud, Soloist
  • 10am – The Parade on Highway 89
  • 11am – 12:45pm Terry Berrett, Manzanita Road Soloist
  • 12pm – 12:45pm Nothing But Trouble (Nina Bour-Beau, director)
  • 1pm – 1:45pm Jack Ausbern, Soloist
  • 2pm – 3pm Sidekicks Band (Ron Neville, director)

5. March Birthday Night at the Yarnell Family Diner is the 16th! Birthday Babies get a free dessert, and we play Trivia.

Happy Birthday to:

  • Shirley Daniel – Mar. 1
  • Christa Iceforest – Mar. 2
  • Nancy Kays Tschikof – Mar. 5
  • Sandi Tasche Duncan – Mar. 8
  • Nan Lechner – Mar. 16
  • Michelle Jacobson – Mar. 16
  • Chris Veller – Mar. 17
  • Kenny Wayne – Mar. 23
  • Bill Chaplin – Mar. 24
  • Bob Brandon – Mar. 30

5. Reminder – get on this blast list: mail2leahtidey@gmail.com Leah sends out all pertinent information for meetings, Community Center events and even Upcoming Fashion Shows by B-Wear Chic, aka Stacy Pizzirusso

I try not to repeat all that information, otherwise people would be bombarded with the same information. But you REALLY need to be on that list if you’re interested in Yarnell/Peeples Valley info!

Until next time, have a great week,



Happy New Year

I sure hope 2018 doesn’t fly by, because 2017 sure did! Hope this note finds you healthy and well!

In December, I performed 15 out of 31 days. Needless to say, I’m taking this month practically off – the voice needs a break.
It was a ton of fun though!

Here’s some scoop for the next few weeks.

1. This Friday, January 12th – Walt is resting an injured hand. The Yarnell Family Diner entertainment will be John Boyd. Be there or be square from 5pm – 8pm

2. Friday, January 19th – Third Friday Birthday Night! 5pm – 8pm, I’ll play that night at the Yarnell Family Diner. We start birthday festivities around 6pm: Trivia and Free Birthday Baby Dessert!

Happy Birthday to:

  • Carolyn Sands – Jan 2
  • Diane Tackett – Jan 3
  • Michael Quinones – Jan 7
  • Cliff Dupuy – Jan 10
  • Barb Schlegel – Jan 17
  • Mary Skalkoyannis – Jan 24
  • Rowle Simmons – Yavapai County Board of Supervisors

3. Friday, January 26th – Manzanita Road – AKA Terry – will perform from 5pm -8pm at the Yarnell Diner.

4. Friday, February 2nd – Todd Perroud – have you heard him yet? Good stuff. Yarnell Diner 5 – 8pm

5. Saturday, February 3rd – I’ll be performing at Augie’s Restaurant in Prescott during dinner from 5:30 – 7:30pm

6. Saturday, February 3rd – There’s a B-Wear Chic Fashion Show at the American Legion Post 79 – Lunch at 11:30am with a Chef’s Salad Bar – call Becky at 928-231-4875 – This benefits the Margaret David Scholarship Fund.
(When you’re done there, come have dinner at Augie’s!)

Also around town – you have to check out the amazing events at Club Yarnell – located at the Yarnell Community Center. Two people can guide your activities: jerryflorman@gmail.com or flechner52@gmail.com

If you haven’t already, get on this blast list for constantly updated Yarnell information: mail2leahtidey@gmail.com

Have a fantastic week,



It’s Holiday Time

Hello folks,

Lou and I wish you a very Merry Christmas Season. Hope you’re all doing well!

Here’s some entertainment news for the festive child in all of us:

1. Friday, December 8th – Strings attached at the Yarnell Family Diner, 5 – 8pm

2. Friday, December 8th – I’m at Elks Lodge 2160, Wickenburg, 6 – 9pm

3. Saturday, December 9th – I am excited to play for the Christmas Parade of Lights at the Saloon in Crown King!
Soup kitchen at the Crown King Fire Dept, 5pm, Parade at 6pm, I’ll play 7 to 11pm

4. Wednesday, December 13th – I’ll be performing for a Private Christmas Party – Simpson Ranch, Wickenburg, 5:30pm (Come if this one applies to you!)

5. Thursday, December 14th – I’m Celebrating my 50th that day with a Gig at the Prescott Valley Elks.

6. Friday, December 15th – BIRTHDAY NIGHT!!! Join me (playing the tunes) and the other December Babies, 5pm – 8pm
Happy Birthday to:

  • Frank Lampe December 02
  • Claude Mattox December 03
  • Rick Engels December 04
  • Shelley Bacon December 14
  • Denise Roggio December 14
  • Steve Edwards December 24
  • Bob Ball December 26
  • Jeff Shearer December 29

7. Saturday December 16th Community Christmas Cantata, 6:30pm – Yarnell Community Presbyterian Church. I am so honored to be the director for “The Spirit of Christmas” All are welcome!

8. Thursday, December 21st, 5:30pm – Winter Concert by the Model Creek School Students – in the school Auditorium.

9. Friday, December 22nd – Manzanita Road at the Diner, 5 – 8pm

10. Friday, December 22nd- I’m in Prescott Valley, Elks #330, 5:30 to 8:30pm

That’s plenty for our calendars, right? I’ll keep you posted again soon.

Until then, Merry Christmas!



Veterans Day Weekend

Heads up for a fun weekend!

It starts with Friday, November 10th from 5pm – 8pm “Strings Attached” brings the tunes at the Yarnell Family Diner.

Also, Friday, November 10th from 6pm -9pm I’m playing at Elks Lodge 2160, Wickenburg.

Then join me on Veteran’s Day! Saturday, November 11th Augie’s Restaurant, Prescott – I’ll be playing light jazz & blues from 5:30 to 7:30.
— Veteran’s Get 10% off a fabulous meal- bring your ID! —

Looking Ahead:
Manzanita Road will be playing both November 17th and November 24th at Yarnell Family Diner for dinner.

I’m taking a family related hiatus for a week. Lou and I wish you all a fantastic Thanksgiving Holiday.

See you soon,

Warm Autumn, Good Music

It is hard to believe we are barking up the end of the 2017 tree! I realized today that there are less than 9 weeks until Christmas – where is it going??

Anyway, there are many things to share, so I’ll get busy:

1. Tomorrow, October 27th – Manzanita Road at the Yarnell Family Diner, 5pm -8pm

2. Also, Tomorrow, October 27th – I’m playing at the Elks Lodge 330 in Prescott Valley, 5:30 – 8:30. They serve a full dinner, and have a great dance floor!

3. Friday, November 3rd – Todd Perroud and Friends at the Yarnell Family Diner, 5pm – 8pm
4. Saturday, November 4th – 8am, Pancake Breakfast at Yarnell Fire Station, hosted by the Yarnell Fire Auxiliary.
Come learn why we need to become Fire Adapted! You’ll be glad you did….

5. Friday, November 10th – Strings Attached (aka, Walt Eckes) at the Yarnell Family Diner, 5pm – 8pm

6. Also Friday, November 10th – I’ll be playing at the Elks Lodge 2160, Wickenburg, 6pm – 9pm; they also have dinner and dancing

7. Saturday, November 11th – I’m SO excited to play at Augie’s Prescott – Augie has been so good to Yarnell Fire and various events; maybe you can stop in that night (Yarnell Rally, anyone?). I’ll be playing jazz and blues from 5:30 – 7:30. Veterans or military, show your card for a 10% discount. The food at this place will rock you.

On that NOTE, pun intended, I look forward to seeing you.

Thanks for supporting the town’s music performers. “Yarnellians” are notably good supporters, friends, fans and tippers!

Until then,


Mid-September Summary!


Don’t forget that tomorrow, September 15th is THIRD FRIDAY BIRTHDAY night at the Yarnell Family Diner! 5pm – 8pm. September Birthday Babies enjoy free dessert, and we all enjoy FUN. It’s party time. Big month for birthdays:

  • 2 Nina Bour-Beau
  • 5 Debbie Davis Bomhower
  • 6 Chuck Edwards
  • 14 Lou Roggio
  • 15 Deb Miller
  • 16 Debi Keehner
  • 18 Larry Oldman
  • 21 Monica Eastwood
  • 25 Kimberly Rice
  • 26 Scott Eastwood
  • 27 Dolores Eckes
  • 28 Michael Fikes

Friday, September, 22nd and 29th- Manzanita Road at the Yarnell Family Diner!

Friday, September 22nd – I have a private party, so enjoy Manzanita Road in Yarnell.

Friday, September 29th – I’ll be performing at the Prescott Valley Elks Lodge #330 from 5:30 – 8:30. Full Dinner served.

Saturday, September 30th – I’m privileged to play at the Prescott VFW Post 541 State Dinner at 5pm. If you’d like to visit, let me know! This is a members only club. Dinner is $25 per couple, $15/individual.

Okay – Now a special reminder that Stacy Pizzirusso (B-Wear Chic) still conducts her usual business, including alterations (she does a great job!) from home. For your fashionista needs, call her: 928-427-6375 and leave a message. Also, attached is her flyer for Fashion Show, Chino Valley Legion, October 14th. Check it out and pass it on….

See you soon,