March Updates

Hope this finds you well! Wanted to give you the latest for music events:

1. This Friday, March 2nd from 5:30 – 7:30, I’ll be performing at Augie’s Restaurant, Prescott. Join us for great food and music

2. Next Friday, March 9th from 6pm – 9pm, Be our guest at the Wickenburg Elks Lodge 2160. Music by yours truly! Restaurant style dinner and huge dance floor.

3. I have the privilege of being the music teacher at Model Creek School. The students are preparing for the Spring Talent Show – I’ll give you full details next week.

4. Mark Your Calendar for May 19th – Yarnell Daze! I’m going to highlight the Vendor’s Field Stage since I’m the stage manager. We’re lucky to have so much local talent in the area. You’ll definitely want to check this out. The stage is located on the corner of Happy Way and Highway 89.
Bring your chair and enjoy:

  • 9am – 10am Todd Perroud, Soloist
  • 10am – The Parade on Highway 89
  • 11am – 12:45pm Terry Berrett, Manzanita Road Soloist
  • 12pm – 12:45pm Nothing But Trouble (Nina Bour-Beau, director)
  • 1pm – 1:45pm Jack Ausbern, Soloist
  • 2pm – 3pm Sidekicks Band (Ron Neville, director)

5. March Birthday Night at the Yarnell Family Diner is the 16th! Birthday Babies get a free dessert, and we play Trivia.

Happy Birthday to:

  • Shirley Daniel – Mar. 1
  • Christa Iceforest – Mar. 2
  • Nancy Kays Tschikof – Mar. 5
  • Sandi Tasche Duncan – Mar. 8
  • Nan Lechner – Mar. 16
  • Michelle Jacobson – Mar. 16
  • Chris Veller – Mar. 17
  • Kenny Wayne – Mar. 23
  • Bill Chaplin – Mar. 24
  • Bob Brandon – Mar. 30

5. Reminder – get on this blast list: Leah sends out all pertinent information for meetings, Community Center events and even Upcoming Fashion Shows by B-Wear Chic, aka Stacy Pizzirusso

I try not to repeat all that information, otherwise people would be bombarded with the same information. But you REALLY need to be on that list if you’re interested in Yarnell/Peeples Valley info!

Until next time, have a great week,



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