Gatsby Night In Yarnell

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5 Responses to Gatsby Night In Yarnell

  1. Chuck Tidey says:

    WOW, the MaTidey production company of Linda Ma and Leah Tidey did it again! People not from here have no idea of the good times we make for ourselves here in Yarnell. Denise you were fabulous with your musical selections, and even Lou got out and danced!

  2. Mary K Webster says:

    I’m so sorry I had to miss it. Everyone looks “so the part” and I’m sure it was a blast. I look forward to seeing more pictures.

  3. Trish and Chuck Edwards says:

    What a blast, everyone looked great, and played the part as well. Lou took some great pics, get them to Linda for the CD she is putting together. I have a bunch too, but Lou’s are great and should be included.

  4. Mary Westwood says:

    I heard it was a get success!!! Hope they do it again.

    So true that something is always happening in Yarnell!!

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