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The People, The Talent, The Natural Beauty

Yarnell, Arizona really is a special place. Not only is it nestled in the most beautiful mountainous terrain, but the artistic and musical talent in the area is stunning. I have embarked on a new musical career, based in Yarnell, which has opened my eyes to how things are supposed to be. Having been a musician and music instructor for many years on the US East Coast, my idea of the music and arts community was tainted: “cut-throat”, competitive, filled with puffed-up people and “click-ish” – you get the picture. Not so in Yarnell. In this town, artists and musicians support each other, promote each other, join each other, attend each other’s shows and genuinely respect each other’s abilities. Having said this, we all know that wherever there are people, there are personality flaws, differences of opinions, and clashes of human nature. Yarnell is no different! However, there is a unique measure of respect for individuality that I have not experienced anywhere else I have called home. I know the residents of Yarnell, Peeple’s Valley and Glen Ilah would agree with me when I state that the tragic fire that took place here in late June and early July 2013 brought us all closer to one another. It helped each of us to see that we are pieces of a puzzle, which when melded together form a complete picture.

Yarnell Buzz is my creation of an online scrap book to highlight the amazingly talented and wonderful people I have had the opportunity to meet and work with here. Check back often, as this information will be updated frequently with itineraries for all of you music and artist connoisseurs.

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