Weaver Mountain BandOne of the first people I had the pleasure of meeting in Yarnell was the owner of the Yarnell Market, Andy Bacon. I remember my dear husband, Lou (my promoter, biggest fan and recording producer) quickly informing Andy of my music career, which he does everywhere we go!  (I love it, of course.) Andy was kind enough to sell my gospel CD, “Light My Path”, on consignment at his store and is now selling my new CD “Ash n’ Blues”.

Through the conversation, he shared with Lou and I that he is also a musician – a rhythm guitarist and singer with the band, Man Down, formerly known as The Weaver Mountain Band.That was my first exposure to a fellow Yarnell musician. I have had the pleasure of singing and playing along with Andy in church, and at a fundraiser for Weaver Care Resources. It was fun and refreshing! Since then, I was able to get to know the other members of Man Down. Andy is moving on…life is taking him to New Mexico. The remaining band members have formed under a different name: “Spatz”. Meet them here!

GENRE: Rock, Classic Rock

Cliff Dupuy - Bass
Delbert Long - Lead Guitar and Vocals
Stephan Gutowski - Drums

BOOKINGS INFORMATION: Call Cliff Dupuy @ 928-427-6476

The band’s members are native to California. Cliff Dupuy, bass guitar, has lived in the Yarnell area for 4+ years. While listening to Cliff play the driving force behind all chords, you would never guess that he only seriously started playing almost 2 years. Cliff is a veteran, having served in the US Navy. (Thanks for serving, Cliff). His life partner is Garnet. There is a store in Yarnell called “Patty & Sons”, of which Cliff is one of the sons.  This is another place all visitors to Yarnell need to see!  It’s full of antiques, jewelry, polished Arizona rocks, you name it. (Great store to acquire some souvenirs, fyi.)

Delbert Long – WOW, lead guitarist PRIMO – is also originally from California. He is the Weaver Mountain Bandnewest member of the band and has lived in the Yarnell area for almost a year. Delbert has played guitar for 40 years, and the rest of the band is thrilled he has joined them.

The drummer, who’s been so aptly rockin’ the beat for 53 years, Stephan Gutowski, is also from California, but has called Arizona home for the last 25 years. His seasoned talent is very evident, not to mention Stephan is fun to watch as he becomes one with the sticks.


Weaver Mountain Band

Thank you Spatz, for keeping Yarnell PUMPED!

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10 Responses to Spatz

  1. Leah Tidey says:

    Man Down is a great band. They play all the songs we know and love, lots of Seeger. Love that!! And as the church ladies say, “Eye Candy Andy.” Always good music and good dancing.

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  3. Trish and Chuck Edwards says:

    Way to go Denise

  4. mick Blythe says:

    Hey I really like what you are doing, it makes living here so much more worth while. This feels like a real home. Thanks again. Mick

    • Denise Roggio says:

      Mick! Thanks for commenting and for the strong vote of confidence. Very appreciated. Glad I can help make things happier for people around here!

  5. Bill Chaplin says:

    Really nice site. Very impressive. And, yes, I would like to be part of it. With love……………

    • Denise Roggio says:

      Hi, Bill! Thanks for commenting on the site, and we will get together very soon to get a spotlight rolling on you. I’ll email you today.
      Glad you like what you see here. We try to keep it REAL, no sensationalism, just real people accomplishing their dreams, just like you and me.
      Thanks again!

      • Martha Smith says:

        Denise, I am so happy for you that you are writing, singing and playing, which I know you just love to do. You’ve been blessed. I sure do miss seeing and hearing you and wish I could sing with you again. Keep up the good work – you will be famous one day. Please keep me up to date and tell Kevin I said :”Hi”. Love to all. Martha

        • Denise Roggio says:

          Dearest Martha: It is so good to hear from you and I miss you so much. Think of you often! I was reminiscing not long ago about our little Alloway Baptist Praise Team. We had a good God-honoring time doing that. I will pass on your “hi” to Kevin. He’s a good young man, and I’m so proud of him. I trust and pray you and your family is doing well. I appreciate your comment on the website! Thanks and much love to you.

          • Martha says:

            Yes, and I did enjoy our little Praise Team and miss it very much. Our small congregation needs much prayer, we just cannot seem able to grow like we would like to. It makes me wonder what plan God has for our church it has been such a wonderful refuge for me and others I’m sure. Kevin is a good boy and it brings me joy whenever I happen to run into him. How did you ever to come to move so far away? It looks so beautiful there from the pictures you have posted Love, Martha

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