4 Responses to Del Web Center: Voices From The Ashes

  1. Frances Lechner says:

    What a fabulous evening! Denise remains as the highlight anchor of the event for me. Just love her presence, her music and her spirit… Was completely enraptured by the opening drumming, too. Bravo to all the hard work of everyone, especially to Kaye for her vision and courage to pull this all together!

    • Denise Roggio says:

      Yes, Frances, BRAVO to Kaye. What a visionary. And I was so struck by the amount of people who wanted to be involved, either in the drumming, or the choir or however they could be a part of a successful evening. Sounds to me like a good amount of money was raised? Sure pray so. Thanks for your encouraging, kind words of praise for my part in the event. It was fun, and I was touched to hear everyone singing my songs!

  2. Leah says:

    Such a wonderful performance by all the performers and a special healing time for Yarnell. We laughed, we cried, we mended and we are moving forward. Denise, you were spectacular with, not only your voice, but also the way you encouraged and lifted up others to be joyful and happy and put smiles on their faces to rejoice in the rebuilding of Yarnell and to sing it loudly. The encore performance in Prescott will be a beautiful night. BTW, you were also gorgeous in your black dress.

    • Denise Roggio says:

      Leah, I agree with you about the special healing time for Yarnell. I know the event was a fundraising performance, but as Kaye had also stated, this was as much for Yarnell’s encouragement as it was for Yarnell’s rebuilding fund. We received a call today from the kind man who was the videographer that night. He called to ask permission to use “Yarnell Rising” as the song for the closing credits. He then said, “I have to use it….it’s been playin’ in my head ALL WEEK!” What a wonderful moment for a songwriter to hear so many happy voices joining in. Thanks for commenting! BTW, I LOVE that dress, rarely have an occasion to wear it, so I was HAPPY!

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