Yarnell Rising Concert

“Yarnell Rising” concert features original songs

Fundraising concert, Yarnell Rising- Voices from the Ashes, will feature two original songs written by Yarnell resident, Denise Roggio.  The concert will be held at the Del E. Webb Center for the Performing Arts on Wednesday, October 30, 2013 to benefit the rebuilding of Yarnell and to honor the 19 + 1 Granite Mountain Hotshots.

Denise Roggio wrote the song “Blazing Honor” as a tribute to the tragedy that took place in Yarnell with help from her husband, Lou Roggio. Denise also composed a song to celebrate the spirit of Yarnell and the rebuilding of the town, entitled “Yarnell Rising.”

Because the Roggios decided that they wanted to do something to help rebuild Yarnell, the song “Blazing Honor” was made available online for donations to the Yarnell Hill Recovery Group to aid in the rebuilding process…

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