Officially A Grandmother

Denise Roggio & Leah RabagoJust wanted to share a highlight in my family life! My son, Kevin, and his fiancee, Jessica, gave our family the wonderful gift of a baby girl, Leah Kamille Rabago, Born March 25th, 2014. I know my readers can’t believe this (since I look so YOUNG – tongue-in-cheek!), but I am officially a grandmother. It’s an amazing experience, and I am so thankful for a healthy, alert and beautiful new family member.

My trip to the East Coast for the anticipated arrival of my little angel has given me much needed, quality time with my parents, younger brother, daughter, and friends, as well as with the new parents.  I’ll only miss the people. I anticipate being ready Leah Rabagoto sing when I return home next week.

Check my site often! Spring and Summer will be busy, busy, busy…I’ll be performing at Venues in Wickenburg, Crown King, Prescott, and as always, the Yarnell Family Diner.

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6 Responses to Officially A Grandmother

  1. Leah Tidey says:

    Congrats MomMom. Baby Leah (and I’m a bit partial to the name) is gorgeous. Wow, that head of full, thick, black hair – years to come she is going to drive the boys crazy. Best to you, Jess and Kev. I’m glad you are home; we missed the dancing at the Diner and I missed weekly brekkie with you.

  2. Penny Duncan says:

    Congratulation grandma, mom and dad. Such a beautiful baby and so blessed.

  3. Bill Chaplin says:

    Congratulations, my dear!! That is just wonderful. She was born the day after my birthday! With love………………..

  4. Mary K Webster says:

    Congratulations!!…..What a little sweetie!!….Enjoy! and safe journey back to Arizona.

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