2 Responses to Gospel Concert Sing-A-Long

  1. Leah says:

    Denise, your singing, as always, was beautiful. We here in Yarnell are learning another side of you the more we see you perform. You are the ultimate performer, seriously, -you engage the audience, crack a few jokes, poke fun at the church, all religions have a funny side and you find them . During this concert your religious humorous side emerged and your deep love and commitment for all was evident. How you love life, why you love our community, your hubby, and your deep faith which has sustained you through many ordeals. We are fortunate that you and Lou and decided to call Yarnell your home.

    • Denise Roggio says:

      Leah, I am so happy that you enjoyed the Gospel Concert, and more importantly – I’m THRILLED for your friendship, support, encouragement and cheer leading! Growing up in a strict baptist environment helps one appreciate “GRACE”, which happens to be my favorite word…Undeserved favor. Can’t get any better than that! We love Yarnell, and it’s because of the people that it’s our home. Thanks again for your loving and FUN-loving words.

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