AZFB The Voice, September 17, 2013

Farm Bureau: Raising Yarnell – By Brett Clausen

“On Saturday, September 14, we had the privilege of attending Yarnell’s first groundbreaking ceremony.  This was a monumental first step for the small neighborly town still recovering from the devastating fires that took the lives of the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshot firefighters and destroyed 129 structures within and surrounding this small hillside community here in Arizona.  As we traveled through this picturesque community, charred boulders and partial foundations lie next to the neighbors’ homes that escaped the devastating fires.

The wildfire ignited by lightning on June 28, 2013 was finally contained on July 10, 2013.  Roughly 9 ½ weeks later, the first permit has been issued to Farm Bureau members and policyholders Roy and Stacy Pizzirusso, to lead the way for this tight knit community to rebuild, one home at a time, raising Yarnell once again.”

“…A sense of hope is rising in Yarnell.  We can rebuild.  Local musician, singer, DJ & entertainer Denise Roggio was there leading the townspeople in singing ‘raising Yarnell from the ashes’ as well as many other well-known classic songs, providing a much needed festive atmosphere, to go along with the great BBQ potluck you would come to expect in the neighborly community of Yarnell.”

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