Yarnell Family Dinner 01-10

Retirement Party for Chuck Edwards at 6 PM… Wear a bib apron and come ready to dance!

Come have a great meal and enjoy the music.

Every Friday Night  –  5:00 to 8:00 PM.

Yarnell Family Diner
22624 Arizona 89, Yarnell, AZ  (928) 427-9656

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3 Responses to Yarnell Family Dinner 01-10

  1. Trish and Chuck Edwards says:

    God help us all. I have unleashed the beast!@!. I always knew my shower singing hubby had it in him, but these recent displays of singing and dancing in public……??? I guess once retired who gives a crap what others think…He did a great job. Maybe I should rethink keeping him ON the couch. LOL He also does a great Danny Boy

  2. Leah Tidey says:

    What a GREAT night!!! I never knew there were so many aprons in Yarnell….worn by men. Love it! Chuck, Chas, Charles, he goes by so many names and every name is a different personality. Who knew he could sing so well, nice surprise Denise and Chuck, Chas, Charles. That was a great song for you Chuck, “Bad, bad, LeRoy Brown.” Yarnell is impressed and glad to have you full time now. We have many volunteer jobs for you now that you’re retired and I think I filled Trish’s Suggestion Bag with many of my own.

    • Denise Roggio says:

      My question is which personality is the singer? He’s GOOD! Anyway, Leah, thank you for commenting. This past Friday night was a total blast! I will make sure Chas, Charles, Chuck, knows you commented, so he can respond!

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