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  1. Leah says:

    This Friday (Nov 1) at The Diner was a special night for all who were there dining and dancing and enjoying conversation. A very dear lady presented to the Yarnell Hill Recovery Group a photo album/scrapbook that she has been compiling since the June 30 fire. What a treat for us here in Yarnell to have this now on display in our Library. Thank you Denise for arranging this special night and for always providing good dancing music on Friday’s at the Yarnell Diner.

    • Denise Roggio says:

      I was pleased to be able to introduce our Community to Verlyn Hendricksen, the ever-creative scrap-booker and a dear lady. I was also thrilled to introduce Verlyn to my Community, since I am so proud to be a part of a Community that pulls together, gets things done, appreciates everyone’s talents and efforts, and sticks with it – no matter what. That scrapbook tells exactly that story – the story of destruction, of tragedy, of cemented relationships, of devotion, commitment and RISING. Friday night was my favorite Diner night of all. Can’t wait to see what happens there next!

  2. Jerry Florman says:

    Friday nights at the Family Diner have been a wonderful place to hang this summer! Thank you so much Denise for your music and it’s healing power and the food ain’t too bad either! Love you all. Jerry

    • Denise Roggio says:

      Jerry, you have truly inspired people with your courage, your positive outlook, your fantastic smile and simply by being so helpful to others in the face of tragic events that took your very home from you. We love you, and I am so glad that my music has been helpful in your healing! The Diner is absolutely a fun time. I enjoy every performance there, and it’s mostly because of the supportive group that comes in after a hard work week to unwind, and celebrate accomplishments together. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Trish and Chuck Edwards says:

    We love the Yarnell Family Dinner. Everything we have eaten there is super delicious; fried chicken, meat loaf, fish, salads, biscuits and gravy, breakfast… you name it….it’s great. There is even sweet potato fries, homemade soup… Chris is known for making something to meet your special diet needs or if there is something not on the menu, mention it and next time you come in he may just surprise you.!!

    The Friday evening get-together can easily fill you with our Yarnell community spirit and welcoming smiles. Pull up a chair, we’ll squish in to make room for you. Ditto Michelle on the BYOB…. (miss you Michelle-Steve too, hurry home)

    You may catch a debut presentation of a new song by our very own, lovely and talented, Denise Roggio. You can find a partner to dance with or not…….just get up, dance, sing along!

    Don’t mention it’s your birthday when you go in for a Bday meal unless you want the entire place to break out in “Happy Birthday”. On our way out, Chuck quietly noted to a table of friends that I was going home to rest after a busy Bday…..before I knew what was happening it was loudly announced and every one (as if on cue) began singing…….

    All I could say is “Only in Yarnell, Love you All”

    • Denise Roggio says:

      Trish & Chuck, thanks for the comment. My husband just found out what happens on your birthday, haha! He didn’t know whether to hide or kiss everybody, but good point. Sometime soon you can catch a debut presentation of Trish and I, dueting with Trish on the violin and myself on piano/vocals. I hope all our readers are getting the idea that the Yarnell Family Diner has the BEST food, the BEST company, the FRIENDLIEST faces. The Diner helps Yarnell Rise, as the “place we wanna be…” Thanks again, and we’ll see ya soon!

  4. Mary says:

    The Yarnell Diner has the best cheeseburgers and seasoned fries. Guess I will have to come on a Friday night and check out the fish and chips and music. It is a down home friendly diner and I enjoy going there when I am in town.

    • Denise Roggio says:

      Yes, Mary! Come anytime, but please do join us on a Friday night sometime soon. And please make sure you introduce yourself to me when you visit. Live music is from 5pm to 8pm on Fridays. Even if I am away for whatever reason, my colleague, a guitarist/singer, Roy Pizzirusso, is usually there in my stead. So, you can’t go wrong ANY Friday night. I hope to meet you soon. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Michelle Jacobson says:

    Everyone is invited! Come for the food, come for the comradery, come for the music…just know that its easy to walk into the diner either by yourself or with others and feel comfortable and included.

    There is a group of folks who gather on Friday evenings to catch up on the happenings of the week often bringing a BYOB to share (not required…soft drinks and water are consumed too). And then there is the fun music that just makes ya wanna dance. Denise Roggio serenades the crowd and even takes requests!

    You don’t have to dance (although Leah may ask ya to) because the layout of the place makes it easy to just enjoy the music and the people you’re with.
    I recommend the french toast for breakfast, the chicken wrap for lunch or dinner, and the all you can eat Friday fish fry.

    • Denise Roggio says:

      You had to mention French Toast, Michelle! I haven’t had that in YEARS….Now I want some, thanks, HAHA. Thanks so much for commenting, and for plugging the fun music. Yes, readers, we do have dancing, and we have the resident dancing Queen, Leah, who may ask you to dance, but never pressures anyone. She has once in a great while gotten a response from my husband, Lou, who hates to dance, so she can be persuasive. But Michelle, you hit it on the head when you used the words “comradery” and indicated that one can feel totally comfortable going to the diner alone and yet still feel included. It’s a warm welcoming place!

  6. Frances Lechner says:

    Friendly place, awesome seasoned fries, delicious all-you-can-eat fish fry on Friday nights. And a pool table to boot! Denise Roggio’s music on Friday evenings has been a real inspiration for this to be a community gathering spot. Be there!

    • Denise Roggio says:

      Hi, Frances! Thanks for commenting, and for the compliment. Lou & I have a fabulous time at the diner on Friday nights. I have never played in a restaurant where there was so much dancing! It’s a family friendly party time. One thing I enjoy about the Yarnell Family Diner is the floor plan. A couple can come and dine, keep to themselves if they choose, or be a part of a large gathering of friends at any time. It’s been wonderful to have so many visitors from all over Arizona (not to mention volunteers from several states!). Many visitors have commented to me that they love the atmosphere and the obvious Yarnell town spirit at the diner. So, I will reiterate for you: BE THERE!!

  7. Leah Tidey says:

    What’s not to love about the Yarnell Diner? Open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is good, varied, hot, and fresh. Friday night all you can eat fish & chips is fabulous – hot, crunchy fish served with coleslaw and either regular fries, seasoned fries, or sweet potato fries; which, by the way, are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. No limp, mushy fries at The Diner. Soup of the Day – any day, any soup- utterly awesome, tasty, fresh, big chunks of meat and veggies, seasoned broth; a wonderful complement to the chicken wrap if you’re in the mood for lighter fare. What the Diner lacks in atmosphere it more than makes up for in delicious food and you always know somebody there when you walk in; someone with a friendly “hello.” When you visit Yarnell the Diner is a definite eating spot.

    • Denise Roggio says:

      Leah, you are dead on with this one. Chef and Proprietor, Chris Johnson, is an excellent chef with a long standing and well-established reputation for his great home cooked food. I might add that I have a serious Celiac disease, an allergy to gluten, as well as to wheat, MSG, xantham gum, and tons of other preservatives. When I first came to Yarnell, we went in for a cup of coffee, and I spoke to Chris, explaining the situation. He understood completely, and without hesitation assured me he could make me something that met all the criteria. And he, of course, did just that. I ate a nice sized portion of a grilled chicken salad, with tons of veges. He accommodates me very well for breakfast, too. Delicious stuff, fun times and it’s a place where “everybody knows your name” to quote the theme song from “Cheers”. Thanks so much for commenting. Here’s to the Yarnell Family Diner and glad that like the rest of Yarnell, it is RISING!

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