6 Responses to Yarnell Family Diner 12-6

  1. Trish and Chuck Edwards says:

    Wonderful music provided by our own Denise Roggio, Great food by Chief Chris, save room for desert, the company of friends can’t be beat. As the chill in the air increases we know we can find all kinds of warmth among friends. No one is a stranger at the Dinner come on in and join in the fun.

    • Denise Roggio says:

      I love how you think. In Yarnell, it’s hard to stay a “stranger”. All of you are so welcoming, and I know that firsthand. Thank you for coming so often, for dancing and singing along, and for being a friend to all of us. I’m sure you’re a busy bee with holiday music, but bring the violin and a couple Christmas songs one Friday. I’ll back you up!

  2. Pastor Paul says:

    Friday evenings at the diner are a great release from the activities and decisions of the Yarnell Hill Recovery effort. Underscoring the conversation, laughter and meals in this intimate setting is the vibrant and beautiful music of Denise, who is both artist and friend to us all. Along with husband Lou, it would not be complete without them. It has become one of my favorite places to enjoy growing friendships and great songs. Thanks to you both for your gifts.

    • Denise Roggio says:

      No, thank YOU, Pastor Paul! We’ve so enjoyed getting to know you and Ann…I love that you are REAL people. Having been married to a Pastor (who was also a REAL person), I was exposed to many clergy that were “stuffy and uptight”….they were wonderful, sincere people, just a challenge in the communication department . The thought of my music was upsetting to them. But you and Ann serve the Lord, and serve the people; all the while you are appreciating talent for being just that. You have our admiration, respect and friendship – not just mine and Lou’s, but from so many in Yarnell. The diner has become a stress reliever since the fire, a place where relationships have blossomed and become deeper. Its a place where new faces feel welcome, and therefore they return. I have a great time playing and singing there. So glad you come and participate in all the fun!

  3. Frances Lechner says:

    Friday night isn’t quite complete with food, fun, music & dancing at the Family Diner. Delicious food, great connecting w/ friends and new friendly faces. Denise is just awesome – the more I hear her, the more I love her music. And the desserts are the best…

    • Denise Roggio says:

      Thanks so much, Frances! This last Friday night was festive as always, and it’s great to see you and your adorable hubby on the dance floor having a great time. What started as a “job” for me, has become way too enjoyable to be work. Lou & I look forward to the diner every week. It means a lot that it’s become a special night for you and others as well. Chris, Melissa, Ashley and the rest of the staff do a fantastic job – and they like to keep it light and fun too! We’re fortunate that they encourage the dancing. So many restaurants would frown on that. Looking forward to many more happy times!

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