May Birthday Party @ Yarnell Family Diner

Lots of Birthdays in May. It promises to be a great party. Come out and have a good time…. Friday, May 20th!

Cynthia Reece – May 4th
Kate McCullough – May 7th
Jane Steinfelt – May 7th
Anne Jones – May 8th
Phil Lobeck – May 9th
Pam Golden – May 11th
Marina Rauh – May 11th
Joel Simons – May 12th
Errol Eastwood – May 15th
Sandy Oldman – May 16th
Rose Welsh – May 18th
Leah Tidey – May 19th
Jerry Florman – May 20th
Sandy Smith – May 20th
Doug Jarmuth – May 22nd
Ben Palm – May 23rd
Marvin Shaw – May 24th
Stacy Pizzirusso – May 24th


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