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I’ve been having a rough time lately with time constraints.  I trained like crazy for the Yarnell Memorial Run, which was an amazing event on June 2nd. I ran and walked fast, placing 6th out of 14 runners in my category. Next year, my goal is to place in the top 3. But it requires much more training, which requires free time to do it – and lately, I’ve had zilch. Zero. Nada. I’ve decided to make an Anytime Resolution: my health and fitness is important, so I will get up earlier to make it a priority. Earlier is 5am, since I already rise at 5:30. This way, I can still have my coffee time and not feel time pressures getting ready for work, eating breakfast, and so on. My grant writing company is really taking off! But the temptation has been to sit at the computer with my coffee, and before I know it, the clock spins to 7am, time to hit the shower. That’s not working for me. When something’s not working, we change it! Otherwise, we fit into the definition of insanity:  doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting a different result. It’s a rut, folks. Don’t fall for it. What’s your resolution? I wish you the best in seeing it through.

No “Boos” Here


Hope this finds you well and enjoying a beautiful Autumn!

So here’s your entertainment update in and around Yarnell:

Friday the 13th – Todd Perroud will be playing music during lunch at the Yarnell Community Center. 11am-12:30pm. This guy is really good! Go to the Center and listen to the music and enjoy a delicious lunch of country steak biscuit with gravy, veggies, and that fabulous famous salad bar.

Friday, Oct. 13th – Walt Eckes, Strings Attached at the Yarnell Family Diner 5pm – 8pm – PS -This Guy is Good Too! Go check him out

Friday, Oct. 13th – I’m playing at Wickenburg Elk’s Lodge 2160 – Dinner Served at 5, I play 6pm – I’m pretty good. Haha!

Saturday, Oct. 14th – I get to play at a private affair (Pretty Cool, uh?)

Friday, Oct. 20th – It’s the Third Friday Birthday Night at the Diner with entertainment by yours truly! 5pm – 8pm

Many good wishes to:

  • Sharon Ball – Oct. 2nd
  • Tiffany Dixon – Oct. 2nd
  • Donna Gordon – Oct. 3rd
  • John Rice – Oct. 7th
  • Kathleen Stowe – Oct. 9th
  • June Simmons – Oct. 10th
  • Julia Dockery – Oct. 10th
  • Mary Westwood – Oct. 14th
  • Michael Dixon – Oct. 26th

Saturday, October 21st – I have the high privilege of performing and providing music at Diane Tackett’s Wedding Reception at the American Legion in Yarnell. Congrats to Diane and John!

Friday, October 27th – Manzanita Road is playing at the Yarnell Family Diner, 5pm – 8pm

Friday, October 27th – I play at Elk’s Prescott Valley Lodge 330 from 5:30 – 8:30

There’s MORE cool stuff:

Saturday the 14th – Don’t forget the awesome Fashion Show by B Wear Chic at the Chino Valley Legion located on Highway 89 and Road 3 South. This is a benefit for local veterans. 12pm lunch is a chef salad bar with fashion show to follow at 1pm. More info call Stacy at 427-6375.

There’s a bunch happening at Yarnell Community Center’s Club Yarnell! Get an email update from Jerry Florman, (Tell her I sent you!)

Finally – If you love to sing, consider joining the Yarnell Community Choir for the Christmas Cantata Titled “The Spirit of Christmas”. Rehearsals are Wednesdays at the Yarnell Community Presbyterian Church on Tabletop Way. 6:30 – 7:30pm The cantata will be performed at the same place on Saturday, December 16th at 6:30. I am honored to direct this year!

All of you who support Yarnell Events, the music of Todd, Walt, Manzanita Road and me – YOU ROCK. We thank you!

Have a great couple weeks,


Last Weekend of June Events

My favorite word is “GRACE”. It’s a pure gift of undeserved favor. We experience it everyday, though we don’t always notice it. Those who live in Yarnell, Glen Ilah and Peeples Valley understand grace all too well. So much property was  destroyed last June, and yet not ONE of our residents was harmed. The past year has been filled with such bittersweet grace: homes have been rebuilt, friendships have blossomed, relationships forged, public events and parties have brought so much support to all of us, and the list goes on…

That grace was imparted to us by the sacrifice of 19 men (Granite Mountain Hotshots). Our survival was at their peril. We will never forget June 30th, 2013, and we will forever be grateful.

Yarnell is healing, remembering and celebrating all at once! From June 27th through June 30th we have events that we hope you’ll attend: we know you’ll immensely appreciate each one.

JUNE 27th, 5pm – 8pm  Yarnell Family Diner, live music by myself, dancing, all-you-can-eat Cod, BYOB. Kick off your weekend with a time of food, friends and fun!

JUNE 28th, 3pm – Whenever you leave! – Tom Cammarato is hosting a party in honor of the beautiful white Bull Dog, Payton, who turns 4 and is still ALL puppy. Music begins at 5pm, starting with Yours Truly, followed by Walt Eckes, and Spatz (and a guest appearance by Michael Bruce from the Alice Cooper Band). This could be an all-nighter, and you’re welcome to camp there. 23391 S. Hwy 89, Yarnell, near the Catholic Church. Bring your own seating and your own drinks. Burgers and dogs will be provided.  EVERYONE IS INVITED. The more, the merrier.

JUNE 29th, 1pm – A public ceremony of remembrance, honoring the Granite Mountain Hotshots, and celebrating the rising of Yarnell will be held at the new Memorial Park, corner of Shrine Rd. and Highway 89. There will be many attending from all over Yavapai County. If you cannot stand comfortably for an hour, bring your chair or lawn blanket. There will be music with a locally formed choir, drumming and speakers that inspire. Please attend!

JUNE 30th, 4pm – This is a ceremony beginning at the Yarnell Community Presbyterian Church and processing to the Memorial Park. The public is welcome to join us and remember those who lost their lives.

JUNE 30th, 6pm – Community Sharing of remembrance and hope will be held at Sickles Field, on the corner of Happy Way and Hwy 89. You may come to observe, or to share a poem, a thought, a song or your personal story.

Please pass along this information to others. And we look forward to seeing you this weekend!

Big Tom’s Party:

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Yarnell 3rd Friday Birthday Nights

We wanna party for your birthday! The Yarnell Family Diner has All-You-Can-Eat Cod, and live music (yours truly) each Friday night from 5pm-8pm. Now, to add to the insane fun we already experience at the Diner, every month we’ll have a birthday celebration including music, Chris’ awesome dinner and desserts, dancing, BYOB, and bring some favorite desserts if you’d like! Don’t be shy, now. Let us know when your special day is. After all, there’s only ONE you; you’re worth a party with friends. You don’t have to reveal your age, although we might try to guess!

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  • I’ve Got A Mansion -Arrangement by Denise Roggio
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  • Joshua Fought The Battle -Arrangement by Denise Roggio
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  • Keep Your Lamps -Arrangement by Denise Roggio
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  • Precious Lord -Arrangement by Denise Roggio
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  • The Lord Bless & Keep You -Arrangement by Denise Roggio
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  • This World Is Not My Home – Do Lord -Arrangement by Denise Roggio
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  • To God Be The Glory -Arrangement by Denise Roggio
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