Labor Day Sunday Yarnell Rising

Labor Day Sunday: “Yarnell Rising”!

American Legion Post 79 in Yarnell, Arizona is hosting a fundraiser for the Yarnell Hill Recovery Group.

Date: Sunday, September 1, 2013  Time: 11:00 AM till 5:00 PM.

Denise Roggio, Bart Hampton and other LOCAL talents will be entertaining with music and more.

Come enjoy this GREAT FREE FOOD!

Donated by John & Shawna Shelly:
2 Pigs cooked in the Pit plus beans and coleslaw.
25¢ Beer

Many Potluck dishes being donated (sides, salads, desserts, etc.).

If you have never visited our town, this is the perfect time and season to do so while helping with the disaster recovery and rebuilding efforts through your donations.

Donations to benefit Yarnell Hill Recovery Group.

The whole community is Welcome! Open to the public!

Looking forward to meeting you…

Labor Day Sunday Yarnell Rising
American Legion Post 79
22911 S. Looka Way, Yarnell, AZ

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Yarnell Hill Fire: Blazing Honor

Yarnell Hill Fire, Yarnell, AZ

On June 30, 2013, my husband, Lou, and I were sitting on our porch and watching the Yarnell Hill wildfire ravish the mountainside across from us. We observed the planes dropping slurry to quench the flames, as well as the many firefighters and personnel scurrying to and fro to protect our beautiful community. The fire appeared to be moving away from us, when suddenly the wind shifted, and we were forced to evacuate at 4:30pm, with little time to prepare.

The striking events that took place will forever be etched in our minds: at the very moment we were being led to safety, the Granite Mountain Hotshot Crew from Prescott, AZ, Station #7, was being trapped by the engulfing flames….We were safe, but 19 courageous men died in that fire at 4:31pm, leaving a single survivor whose heart is irreparably broken.

There are no words to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of those who waged war against this lightning-caused fire; there are no words to express our sympathy to the families, co-workers and friends of the 19 Hotshots; likewise, there are no words that adequately convey how thankful we are.  So, when words fail, a song of tribute will last forever.

Thank you, Firefighters.  Thank you Granite Mountain Hotshots. The Community of Yarnell is ever grateful.

Blazing Honor by Denise Roggio

Words & Music by Denise Roggio and Louis F. Roggio
Mixing & Recording: Louis F. Roggio
© 2013 by Denise Roggio and Louis F. Roggio – Worldwide rights reserved.

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Blazing Honor (lyrics)

In Arizona near Nowhere
The desert breeze greets the mountain air.
There’s a town, little known by name.
A lightning bolt from cloud to ground
Turned this village upside down
Yarnell would be forever changed.
Duty called, responders came.
A Hotshot crew and tanker planes
We all watched as ashes filled the sky.
Mother Nature knows no bounds
Flames encompassed all around
For some of them this was the journey’s end.

Hands of Mercy, Hearts of Courage
You have saved us from the flames
Blazing Honor, rest in peace now
Thank you for the sacrifice you gave.

A Hotshot crew of 20 men
19 gone and one remains
His heart broken, filled with pain
He worked with them side by side
Every day they risked their lives
Now his brothers are all gone

It must be hard to be just one
It’s clear your journey isn’t done
You must have some work here left here to do
As we bow our heads each night
We’ll pray that heaven shines its light
To help you through this dark and smoky haze

Heart of courage, how we thank you
For the blessings that you gave
Blazing honor, may God keep you
And happy memories comfort you today.

Hands of Mercy, Hearts of Courage
You have saved us from the flames
Blazing Honor, rest in peace now
Thank you for the sacrifice you gave.

Yarnell Fire house burning